We have some exciting news about your ticket!!!!

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I wake up in the morning everyday a tad emotional about the fact I have to leave my most favourite place on the planet…..my bed!

This morning was no different, however, I opened my emails to help me ‘come round’ (No i’m not coming off a general anaesthetic but my god does it feel like it!) immediately my eyes diverted to the email from The National Lottery telling me they have news about my ticket!!!!!

Before I’ve even clicked the link i’m straight onto right move looking at Million £ houses, of course it needs a pool and a cinema room, ideally a basement I can soundproof and turn into a nightclub. I start researching how much Snoop Dogg is to hire (around $200’00), hes my favourite rapper of all time, what a surprise that will be at the house warming. I’m worth millions its small change for the price of my happiness!

So I’ve contacted the seller to view the house, lord have mercy have I woken up now!

Obviously i’m going to be taking my nearest and dearest away. Barbados, Hawaii, Cuba, i’m just not sure, maybe we will go to all three! Better start making sure everyone has valid passports.

The realisation has now hit me that Our upcoming wedding is going to be taken up a notch! I’ve always loved Celine Dion, I cant believe I can now afford for her to sing our first dance! I’m over the moon I can now go Couture wedding dress shopping. I’m thinking Lace, Silk, Swarovski covered embellishment, and the veil, oh the veil will be amazing, I could have it custom made, maybe stitch meaningful quotes into it. Suppose I better book Paris and Milan tickets to go and look. Maybe get a pair of custom Loub’s made.

Finally I may make it into the Kardashian’s inner circle now i’m in the same wealth class. That’s a thought I haven’t even looked at houses in Calabasas yet, better get on that, they sell like hot cakes!

Minor detail but I need to sign into my account to contact Camelot in order to collect my winnings! I’m shaking so much I can barely log in but I do. 1 UNREAD MESSAGE is displayed. I take a deep breath……..I click open………

Lotto Win

Suppose id better get ready for work then………


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I'm 29 and literally clueless about mostly everything! I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up! The thought of having children scares the life out of me, I can barely dress myself! Life basically seems like one big joke (because that's what I make it to disguise the fact that adulting petrifies me and is sooooo bleak!) except I have direct debits coming out of my eyeballs and nothing I say really seems to make any sort of sense! I crave excitement outside of seeing whats in my monthly Birchbox subscription. The ageing process is not being kind to me (the day I discovered a chin hair was a MAJOR low point!) My waist is rapidly expanding. My desire to be thin is ever increasing. My motivation to do anything about it is ever depleting. I have an inner need to buy budget gadgets that break or are completely useless and that desire never seems to fade, I literally have a house full of useless s**t!!! What is life?! I think its time for a Gin...................

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