What gets on my last nerve?!

Those who know me will know i’m the least patient and probably most blunt person that ever lived! For this reason I thought id write a list of things that wind me up. These things may be trivial, may even be things others don’t get phased by but to me are HUGE inconveniences!

  1. People who don’t butter bread to the edges! Whats the point in a piece of toast if the middle is delicious and buttery but the outside is as dry as a the Sahara!
  2. People who give you a squash in a tiny glass. If I wanted a shot it wouldn’t be Robinsons! Squash should come in pints or don’t bother!
  3. People who are in an overtaking lane but drive slower than those in the middle lane!!!! MOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have gotten further had I have stayed in the middle lane you Moron!
  4. When SOMEONE (Not mentioning names but am definitely talking about someone who I live with that i’m marrying) puts his clothes not in, but next to the washing basket on the floor! PUT IT IN THE BASKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. When Wagamamas write on the paper on my table instead of writing it on a notepad or order book. I find it smug and unnecessary. If you can remember what I’ve ordered why are you defacing my table!
  6. When I’m in a restaurant and the waiters wait until you’ve just taken a big bite of food to come and ask you if everything’s ok with your meal! I know what your doing, your waiting until I cant physically answer in case what i’m about to say is negative!
  7. When i’m at a bar waiting to be served, the bar staff make eye contact, they know i’m here, someone else comes to the bar and they try and serve them first. There are 2 issues here and I WILL be speaking my mind in this situation. 1. The person who’s just walked up to the bar can see you were there first. 2. What is the bar staffs problem?! Say bye bye to your tip and prepare for an ear full. Please note I have absolutely no self respect in making a scene. I guarantee 100% you feel more awkward than I do!
  8. When you whatsapp someone, they’re online but haven’t read your message. I know you’ve seen it and haven’t clicked onto the message so I don’t get 2 blue ticks. I WILL harass you and keep messaging until you answer!
  9. Friends who ask me to come to the toilet with them on a night out. Its a NO from me! Unless your wearing a jump suit and need help zipping it why do you need me to come? I’m on a night out not doing care for the community!
  10. Following on from the above deep chats on a night out. I want to show myself up and dance like a Muppet, sing Billie Piper ‘Because we want to’ like i’m auditioning for pop idol and make some all round bad life decisions. I don’t need your philosophical chat to get in the way of that. Bye Felicia!

As i’m sure you can imagine the list extends way further than 10 points. It would appear i’m rather easily irritated! Let me know what grinds your gears………………..

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I'm 29 and literally clueless about mostly everything! I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up! The thought of having children scares the life out of me, I can barely dress myself! Life basically seems like one big joke (because that's what I make it to disguise the fact that adulting petrifies me and is sooooo bleak!) except I have direct debits coming out of my eyeballs and nothing I say really seems to make any sort of sense! I crave excitement outside of seeing whats in my monthly Birchbox subscription. The ageing process is not being kind to me (the day I discovered a chin hair was a MAJOR low point!) My waist is rapidly expanding. My desire to be thin is ever increasing. My motivation to do anything about it is ever depleting. I have an inner need to buy budget gadgets that break or are completely useless and that desire never seems to fade, I literally have a house full of useless s**t!!! What is life?! I think its time for a Gin...................

6 thoughts on “What gets on my last nerve?!”

  1. People who accuse me of stealing their thunder! 😉 LOL Glad to meet a new blog buddy–I will be perusing your blog and annoying you regularly now. You’re welcome.


    1. I assume this is based on my content. I must admit grammatically I make a LOT of errors, I’ve re-read and still cant spot the mistake :/ good job this is a hobby and not a career eh! Fully appreciate how this gets on someones nerves who is good with grammar 🙂


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