What if I told you manners are actually free?!

Wow, where do I start with this one?

My parents brought me and my sisters up with the term “manners don’t cost a thing” and there has never been a truer word said!

If you ask for something would it hurt to say please? If you’re asking me for something I will guarantee you won’t get it until I’ve heard the P word.

The same applies with thank you, just in case you aren’t familiar with how to use this word here are some examples of when it should be used:

  • When being served in a shop, bar or restaurant. Please take a word of advice, use your manners and don’t be rude in a restaurant, if you act like a d*@k I’d put money on the fact there will be a special surprise in your meal!
  • When someone lets you out in traffic. The RAGE this causes me when I’ve let someone pull out and there is no thank you. I am that crazy person who will wind down my window and shout “THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!” and no I am not ashamed of my actions!
  • When someone holds the door open for you. I’m not being paid to stand and wait or let you pass. You are in no way entitled to have this kind of treatment. I’m being courteous, you should be too!
  • When speaking to a customer service agent. Let me tell you from experience these people get paid pennies to put up with other peoples gripes and groans. They are trying to help you and you speaking to them like s*@t could really have an effect on their day when they are trying to help you! Demanding will get you nowhere, they often are limited to what they can authorise. Also, they will 100% be more willing to go above and beyond if you don’t speak down to them. Just finally on this point never say “My custom pays your wages”, it doesn’t, really, they will get paid regardless.
  • Basically any time someone has said or done something that you have benefitted from SAY THANK YOU!

Queue jumping. This enrages me. Being British I’m a fan of orderly queues. I WILL be opening my big mouth if you jump the queue. Do you think I’ve been stood waiting for a laugh?! The only time I will let this slip is if its in a food queue and I have a trolley full yet you have a few items in which case ill ask you if you want to go in front, if you assume and push in you WILL get told about yourself, you WILL be going back behind me and you WILL be waiting even longer because I will be taking as long as possible to load my shopping onto the conveyor belt. Yes, this is petty, I’m very aware of that and will continue this behaviour in the knowledge I’m acting like a child. I will make exceptions for the elderly or anyone who struggles with standing for long periods of time. What I won’t stand for are entitled festival brats who think they can walk to the front of the portaloo queue, move Felicia, I’m desperate!

Another one which a reader mentioned on my Facebook page is when you go into a shop and approach the server politely and start conversing. Mid-service the shopkeeper stops what they’re doing and answers their phone and continues to speak with the person on the phone as if you have disappeared while you’re stood waiting to pay. There is no rush to get off the phone, no sense of urgency, of course I have all day, carry on, have a chat, pretend I’m not here!

The lack of the word excuse me. Please don’t barge past me like it’s your god given right! A simple ‘excuse me’ goes a long way.

I know I sound like a moaning old bint which, honestly, I am but its the little things in life that go a long way with me.

I feel as though a lack of manners is often blamed on the younger generation. I think this is an unfair assumption. My younger sister is 14 and one of the most polite girls I know. It’s got nothing to do with age or generation I think its mainly to with how you are brought up. People of all ages lack manners but it’s up to us to ensure the next generation aren’t a bunch of rude little sh**s! As soon as your children can speak please and thank you should be added to their vocabulary.

Anyway, have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget your please and thank you’s.




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I'm 29 and literally clueless about mostly everything! I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up! The thought of having children scares the life out of me, I can barely dress myself! Life basically seems like one big joke (because that's what I make it to disguise the fact that adulting petrifies me and is sooooo bleak!) except I have direct debits coming out of my eyeballs and nothing I say really seems to make any sort of sense! I crave excitement outside of seeing whats in my monthly Birchbox subscription. The ageing process is not being kind to me (the day I discovered a chin hair was a MAJOR low point!) My waist is rapidly expanding. My desire to be thin is ever increasing. My motivation to do anything about it is ever depleting. I have an inner need to buy budget gadgets that break or are completely useless and that desire never seems to fade, I literally have a house full of useless s**t!!! What is life?! I think its time for a Gin...................

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