Who Am I?

My name is Sarah. I’m 29 and just your average person with average gripes.

I work full time Monday to Friday and spend my weekends doing what most people do. Eating, drinking and wishing weekends had 4 instead of 2 days.

I have no writing experience at all unless I can put writing Facebook Status’s on my writing CV or being made to repeat lines at school.

I am your typical deflector, when something bad happens I try and make a joke of it hence the blog. I try and put a humorous spin on things that annoy me so they don’t seem like problems any more. Whilst it may seem like a blog full of me moaning I’m trying to find humour in what I perceive as negatives.

Laughter is the best medicine, I try not to take life to seriously, its too short for that.

I hope you enjoy the blog (even if it is grammatically incorrect at times).



Can someone tell me whats going on?

Thanks for joining me!

This blog is a light hearted look at life as a clueless 29 year old. Literally clueless.

Ill be talking about everyday experiences or memories id probably rather forget. Tackling the big issues such as being hangry, overtired, or just discussing my viewpoint on life. If you don’t like controversy then ‘blog on!’ I say whats on my mind which can get me into trouble, a lot. My mom always says “Ill take you somewhere twice and the second time is to apologise!”. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!