2 Day Hangover Survival Kit!!!!

So, I’m sure I’m not alone when i say the weekend has been a heavy one!

If you are past the age of 21 you will also know a night drinking takes 3 days minimum to recover. Recovering from minor surgery id imagine is easier so I’ve put together some tips on how to get through Monday alive…..

  1. Wake up a minimum of 15 minutes early to come round, put the TV on, or have a scroll through your phone, getting out of bed once I’ve ‘come around’ (sounds like i’m coming off anaesthetic but equally feels like it!).Waking up
  2. Make sure you moisturise. Unless you want your face to look like a dried up prune put some moisturiser on! All traces of skin hydration have left, along with our dignity and self respect! We don’t need something else to feel down about today! Also I always feel better if I don’t look like a walking dead extra!Dehydration
  3. Blast Smooth FM on the way to work. You don’t want to be caught out with happy hard core with a pounding head! Smooth will guarantee to play bangers that wont leave you feeling emotionally unstable. Unless they put a power ballad on in which case abort to Heart FM immediately. wake up music
  4. Eat breakfast! I’m not going to tell you to eat avocados (however avocados on toast with honey is unreal but I get that avocados are very marmite) for e.g this morning I opted for a McDonalds breakfast which literally provides zero nutritious value (for those who are wondering the wedding diet is going REALLY WELL!).
  5. Coffee, pints and pints of coffee!
  6. Water, drink gallons of the stuff, especially to counteract the coffee, that headache is most likely dehydration I realise you want Rubicon Mango pumped into your veins intravenously but its going to make you feel so much worse!drink
  7. Keep busy. This is mind over mater. I know the temptation may be there to just ‘Look busy’ at work but if you do actually fill your day with ‘to do’s’ your going to be too busy to think about it. Don’t forget as soon as you get home you can go back to slobbing out but for now crack on!

And that my friends is my short but effective survival guide!

I wish you all a speedy recovery!!!!

At what age are alcopops no longer age appropriate?

At what age is an alcopop no longer appropriate? These are the hard hitting questions I ask myself (I get it I must have a lot on my plate!)

I feel like at some point in your life, without being told, subconsciously, you realise that your not going to be taken seriously holding a bottle of what can only be described as looking like smurf p**s!

Is it the sugar? Let’s face it our bodies aren’t breaking that stuff down like it used to (although I don’t seem to mind when I’m knee deep into a lemon drizzle!)

Is it a different hangover. We start to categorise hangovers at a certain point which makes drinking choices harder e.g I’m relitavely functional on a gin hangover where as a wine hangover turns me into the anti christ for 3 days following?

Either way I don’t seem to see anyone over the age of 19 holding an alcopop anymore. When did we become ‘too old’ and more to the point WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!

I think the below is a perfect representation of where I’m going with this….