Why do we make such an effort on Christmas day?

I, more than anybody love that feeling of opening your presents, especially when you get a new Christmas outfit!

My day goes like this:

  1. Get up
  3. Open Presents
  4. Run a bath with my new bath goodies
  5. Full body moisturise (which I never make part of my normal routine but for some reason do it religiously Christmas day)
  6. Full face of makeup including lashes!
  7. Hair blowdried and styled (when I say styled I do what I can before I get bored)
  8. Put new clothes on
  9. Spray new perfume so much I may as well be fumigating my entire body!
  10. Start on the dinner

My question is, what’s the point?! I’m not leaving the house! I’ve probably done more in this entire time getting ready than I would for a night out and will not be leaving the 4 walls. It’s not like I’m someone who is preened daily. I normally look like I’ve been created in a meth lab as a social experiment! My social media is one big lie I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT the majority of the time!

Maybe it’s just a good excuse to be the person I always secretly wish I was. That one who always looks like she has her S**T together so I never have to hear “are you not feeling well” again.

Either way, I will be doing the same this year even after writing this and reflecting on how pointless the effort will be. Maybe its subconsciously in case anyone takes pictures and people ask who the homeless person is they took in for Christmas!

Whatever you are doing, however you are going to look I hope you enjoy it and have the most FABULOUS time!!! xx


Can somebody tell me how willpower works?

What I want to talk about is willpower or my lack of.

I really admire people who stick to things, anything. People who go to the gym daily, people who stick to diets, people who just simply do what they say they are going to.

I’ve done dry January. It lasted a day.

I’ve done diets that have lasted a week or 2 then fell off the bandwagon and never got back on.

I just can’t seem to stick to anything at all and it’s winding me up!

Why do I have no willpower? Why can’t I stick to ANYTHING! I literally mean anything! I’m the person that flakes on plans. I’m the one who says ‘yes let’s go for coffee’ then doesn’t call for 6 months. I’m the person that everything seems like a fab idea at the time but when it comes to it just can’t seem to muster up the willpower to go through with whatever it is.

I tell myself most Mondays this is a new week and a new me, I’m going to change! I NEVER change.

I got up at 6.30 and did Yoga this morning and told myself this is a new me. I literally have every intention of doing the same tomorrow. Will I? Who knows!

What is it in the brain that makes some people able to stick to what they want to do and others completely unable to stick to anything? Well, I did some research and according to this article its linked to blood sugar levels. It makes sense, when I think of all those people I know that have the most willpower and drive are those who are fit and healthy! But can blood sugar really have such an effect on willpower to do so many other things? The article said to stick to whole foods such as:


At some point, those of us in this position have to come to the realisation we are a product of what we put into our bodies both mentally and physically.

I am going to TRY (as I say I’m a flakey person) to consciously think about what I’m eating (probably less about what I’m drinking but its a start) and the effect it’s having on other aspects of my life! Christmas may throw a few hurdles my way and I’m ok with that but either way today is the start of my TRYING to make better decisions!

We have to start somewhere (even if I am starting for the 500th time).

I think, subconsciously, half of me never completing anything is because I’ve told myself I cant before I’ve really properly tried!

So here’s to giving it a go and having a bit more faith in our own ability xx






Ok firstly if you are considering going to the shops on 23rd November id like to ask if you are ok?

I’ve never understood people turning up to a shop at 5am to queue outside for hours in the freezing cold to get a fiver off a toaster! Ok so maybe the savings are slightly bigger than that even so I’m not prepared to get my head kicked in over a Hitachi!

I fully understand when coming up to Christmas a lot of families struggle with the financial strain of this time of year and are looking for a bargain on toys etc but I guarantee your dental appointment to fix the 3 teeth that were kicked out whilst trying to get a deal on a fidget spinner will be much more expensive!!!! Not to mention having to explain to the moms at school why you have a black eye and a fat lip.


This is something we never used to have in the UK but like a lot of things we adopted it and claimed it as our own like us Brits do!

I believe this began in America. The Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on 22nd November this year where they have a lovely meal with their loved ones with ALL the trimmings and spend the day talking about what they’re thankful for. Literally 24 hours later they trample each other in stores across the country to get yet more stuff! That thankful attitude didn’t last long!


Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE a bargain! Having said that id say near enough every store who will have black Friday sales on will also be doing the same online so save your time, effort and teeth and hit the online sales if you want to save some ££££.

Amazon has some great Black Friday deals on loads of things, even Groupon are giving discounts on top of discounts.

If you do decide to go to Asda at 6am on Friday please know you will be in my thoughts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


may the odds be in your favour



A list of random???

I am that annoying person that questions absolutely everything! Below is a list of hard-hitting questions that bother me so much!

  1. Why are toastie makers not designed to fit a real-life piece of bread in? Who wants a toastie where the outside bits are just bread? Make them bigger PLEASE! I want the entire surface area of my bread toasted not just the bits that I can squash into the maker!
  2. Why do supermarkets make microwave meals with a ‘peel off’ lid that just doesn’t peel? Do you know the pain of stabbing that pierced film to try and get a corner and then pulling that little bit you painstakingly managed to free only for it to drop in your food? You then proceed to pull it out with your fingers which now have no fingerprints left due to them being burnt off only to peel the film away and cause further burning to anything that comes into contact with the volcanic steam pouring out?!
  3. Why do checkout cashiers ask me if I need help packing in the middle of me already packing? I’m clearly capable, I’m literally doing it right in front of you! Please don’t throw the fact I can’t even pack bags well in my face!
  4. Why does Ryanair have a round of applause when you land on time? It’s your job to get from A to B in the time YOU specified. I don’t get a round of applause every time I do my job!
  5. Why can’t all phone chargers be the same? I’m sick of going to someone’s house and running out of battery and not being able to charge my phone because I refuse to become part of the iPhone cult!
  6. Why do you have to take out a mortgage to go to the cinema? The cinema expenses have become an absolute joke and that’s not me being tight. You’re literally looking at £50 a trip because turning down a Tango Ice Blast is absolute madness and of course I’m going to need nachos!
  7. Why is clothing size so varied? How are we meant to know what size we are when we can range from about 3 different sizes depending on the shop. Can there not be a standard guideline to follow to make shopping a little less of an ordeal than it already is?
  8. Why do online shops send an item the size of my thumb in a box the size of the Eiffel tower? Surely it’s not cost effective? Why get my hopes up that I’ve been sent a package full of goodies when in reality my tweezers have arrived?!

I’m sure we all have a million Why questions so feel free to comment yours. Maybe together we can get to the bottom of all of this!

Its the most wonderful time of the year…I think!

Winter is becoming my favourite time of year but there are so many pros and cons for me.

Pro – I absolutely LOVE being inside, cosy, pyjamas on, slippers on, dressing gown on, heating on (yes by this point I’m hotter than the sun and that’s how I like it) especially if it’s snowing outside, there isn’t a better feeling for me. Putting my feet up watching films with a hot chocolate, ok mulled wine is what life is about.

adult beverage breakfast celebration
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Pro – Winter is perfect for someone like me who will do anything physically possible to not leave the house. Home really is where the heart is and its where I like to be most. I’m not saying I don’t like socialising, we have an open door policy and people are in and out all the time but I just like being at home.

Con – Where the negatives come is all the nasty bugs that linger. As someone with Asthma winter isn’t kind to me. I can guarantee if there is a bug going around I will catch it! Last Christmas and new year me and Charlie spent the whole thing in bed, literally 2 weeks. We missed the last Christmas I would have had with my Dad unknowingly which is the hardest pill to swallow. Christmas day we didn’t leave the bed unless it was to puke. We missed one of our close friend’s weddings. We did attempt to celebrate new years eve and barely made it to 12 before having to leave, it was miserable!

This year I am determined to avoid the same fate. I was offered a flu jab but said no which I’m not sure was the wrong or right idea. I’m a big believer in trying to build my immunity but thus far it hasn’t really worked out so maybe I’ll reconsider.

There are some things I was advised to try as deterrents but by this stage, it was too late. This year, however, I will be trying all the deterrents I was advised of last year.

  • Turmeric. I had no idea this was such a good natural anti-inflammatory. I’ve had the tablets from Holland and Barret and they are brilliant but I’m sure you can get them in lots of places or try adding a spoon full of turmeric to lemon ginger and honey with hot water.
  • Colloidal silver water. Again something id not heard of until last year but there are so many benefits to using this. It’s worth looking into the benefits as it helps to treat so much. It helps to support the body’s immune system so well worth having some in the cupboard for a variety of things.
  • I found a list of foods to eat for colds found here. I don’t think its any secret that when you are run down good healthy foods can help to get your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to recover.
  • Whilst I will always try natural remedies first sometimes you just need to hit the hard stuff and there is nothing better for a stuffy nose and a lack of sleep due to coughing all night that a good old bit of night nurse. Yes, it will put you into a semi-coma so my advice would be to take it earlier rather than later as there is a very large possibility you won’t be hearing your alarm!

Con (which can easily be turned into a pro) – Another thing to address is how much pressure we put on ourselves regarding Christmas presents. I don’t think children expect the mountain of presents parents feel as though they have to provide. Surely as parents (I’m pointing out now I’m not a parent so I may be wrong here), you are setting the initial expectation. If you are going to buy 20 presents are they all going to be played with? Are you spending a fortune on toys that are forgotten in 5 minutes? Think about your Christmas’s as a child. Yes it was exciting to get presents, absolutely, but that isn’t the bit that stands out most for me. Being with my family, playing board games together, Christmas dinner, music and everyone being happy and together are what I have the fondest memories of. We were always very aware as children of the value of money and that things were expensive and we couldn’t always have what everyone else could and honestly we didn’t mind because we knew our parents had done what they could for us which is also a great life lesson. It really made us appreciate everything we have. Christmas is mostly about making it magical for the children so focus on them and then maybe consider a secret Santa for the adults. Try making things, if you like to cook make food gifts. If you’re crafty make candles, knit a scarf, make something decorative, Hobbycraft has some amazing ideas.Giving does not mean buying

Pro – Winter comfort food. Pass the carbs to the left-hand side! Where do I start, cottage pie, stew and dumplings, roasted anything, soups. Winter food is 100% my favourite. My slow cooker really feels the love from October to April.

Pro – Winter clothes. Oversized jumpers are life. Not only are they comfy but they hide a multitude of sins. Just loungewear in general is what life is about for me.oversized jumper.jpg

Pro – Eating dessert is encouraged. Mince pie anyone? Christmas pudding? Yule log? Literally, people become offended if you don’t eat their homemade treats and I, for one, am not going to argue with them!

Pro – Snow is beautiful.snow

Con – It snows every year near enough yet the UK comes to a standstill each time it does.blizzard-meme-1145907

Pro – Christmas films. If you don’t watch Elf annually then we can’t be friends. elf

Basically anything about Christmas time for me is a pro, the lights, Christmas Trees, it’s just so pretty.

In summary, it appears the pros outweigh the cons. Bring on everything winter related and make sure you are doing everything in your power to avoid the lurgy xx


What if I told you manners are actually free?!

Wow, where do I start with this one?

My parents brought me and my sisters up with the term “manners don’t cost a thing” and there has never been a truer word said!

If you ask for something would it hurt to say please? If you’re asking me for something I will guarantee you won’t get it until I’ve heard the P word.

The same applies with thank you, just in case you aren’t familiar with how to use this word here are some examples of when it should be used:

  • When being served in a shop, bar or restaurant. Please take a word of advice, use your manners and don’t be rude in a restaurant, if you act like a d*@k I’d put money on the fact there will be a special surprise in your meal!
  • When someone lets you out in traffic. The RAGE this causes me when I’ve let someone pull out and there is no thank you. I am that crazy person who will wind down my window and shout “THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!” and no I am not ashamed of my actions!
  • When someone holds the door open for you. I’m not being paid to stand and wait or let you pass. You are in no way entitled to have this kind of treatment. I’m being courteous, you should be too!
  • When speaking to a customer service agent. Let me tell you from experience these people get paid pennies to put up with other peoples gripes and groans. They are trying to help you and you speaking to them like s*@t could really have an effect on their day when they are trying to help you! Demanding will get you nowhere, they often are limited to what they can authorise. Also, they will 100% be more willing to go above and beyond if you don’t speak down to them. Just finally on this point never say “My custom pays your wages”, it doesn’t, really, they will get paid regardless.
  • Basically any time someone has said or done something that you have benefitted from SAY THANK YOU!

Queue jumping. This enrages me. Being British I’m a fan of orderly queues. I WILL be opening my big mouth if you jump the queue. Do you think I’ve been stood waiting for a laugh?! The only time I will let this slip is if its in a food queue and I have a trolley full yet you have a few items in which case ill ask you if you want to go in front, if you assume and push in you WILL get told about yourself, you WILL be going back behind me and you WILL be waiting even longer because I will be taking as long as possible to load my shopping onto the conveyor belt. Yes, this is petty, I’m very aware of that and will continue this behaviour in the knowledge I’m acting like a child. I will make exceptions for the elderly or anyone who struggles with standing for long periods of time. What I won’t stand for are entitled festival brats who think they can walk to the front of the portaloo queue, move Felicia, I’m desperate!

Another one which a reader mentioned on my Facebook page is when you go into a shop and approach the server politely and start conversing. Mid-service the shopkeeper stops what they’re doing and answers their phone and continues to speak with the person on the phone as if you have disappeared while you’re stood waiting to pay. There is no rush to get off the phone, no sense of urgency, of course I have all day, carry on, have a chat, pretend I’m not here!

The lack of the word excuse me. Please don’t barge past me like it’s your god given right! A simple ‘excuse me’ goes a long way.

I know I sound like a moaning old bint which, honestly, I am but its the little things in life that go a long way with me.

I feel as though a lack of manners is often blamed on the younger generation. I think this is an unfair assumption. My younger sister is 14 and one of the most polite girls I know. It’s got nothing to do with age or generation I think its mainly to with how you are brought up. People of all ages lack manners but it’s up to us to ensure the next generation aren’t a bunch of rude little sh**s! As soon as your children can speak please and thank you should be added to their vocabulary.

Anyway, have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget your please and thank you’s.




Why is everyone so offended?!

Let me start by saying anyone that knows me will also know I spend my entire life unintentionally offending just about everyone I come across!

I’m that person who says the wrong thing constantly often out of confusion. An example of this was once in a work meeting we were discussing the war and I raised the topic of the Japanese pilots who initiated suicide attacks. I came out with “I can’t believe they had those bukake pilots, what must have been going through their heads!”. This of course was met with horror to which someone asked me if I knew what bukake meant. Once I was advised I, of course, recoiled in horror finding out I was meant to say Kamikaze pilots. But this was an accidental offensive comment which luckily was just laughed off although the piece of me that died in that meeting room has never recovered.

Moving on…………………

We are in an age where everyone is offended by everything! I don’t get it, what happened to having a stiff upper lip and brushing things off?

For a start, comedy would be obsolete without offence. I find my favourite stand-ups are the ones that make me guess if its ok to laugh at what they have said which is still probably my subconscious telling me if I should be offended because this is what we are now conditioned to believe.

How have we got to a stage in life when we can no longer sing ba ba black sheep and if that’s the case why is ba ba white sheep ok. Should it be ba ba colour equality sheep?sheep

Gingerbread men are now being renamed as gingerbread people. But what if we offend ginger people, should they just be called people from now on?

I watched Good Morning Britan the other day where a female soldier had a problem with the SAS allowing women to apply for the first time. Surely as a woman in the army who wanted to be treated as an equal, she should be delighted with the news. She had a problem with it because women may not be as physically capable and may need to go off and have a baby and wouldn’t be allowed back. I don’t think the SAS is saying women HAVE to apply, they are giving the option so if that’s something that puts you off don’t apply, simple! Not all women want to have babies, that’s offensive to insinuate such a thing!! So now people have a problem with being offered equal opportunities. WTF is happening?!

There are things that I fully understand people being offended by such as Racism but again every form of offence is taken too far like removing Apu from the Simpsons. Are we really only just offended by a cartoon character that’s been on our screens for years. There was a point made that working in a corner shop was stereotyping which I do get but maybe just change his job role to something in computer science which he has a PhD in instead of writing him out.

There was also outrage recently when Kendall Jenner posed in Vogue and the stylist had gone for what I considered an 80s hair look but, oh no, this was racist and she was impersonating an afro. I’m sorry but this is what I look like when its humid outside, is my hair racist, are perms racist, are french plaits racist to the French?Kendal Jenner

People are offended if women wear skimpy outfits. Extreme feminists get offended that women can’t parade with their nipples out. You can’t win!

Some men get offended when women try and pay the bill. Some women get offended if men don’t pay the bill. Some women get offended if they aren’t allowed to pay the bill. Basically, everyone’s offended.

People get offended at wolf whistles (wolf whistle at me any day)!

Poppies are offensive because they are apparently seen as a symbol of racism. Is this a joke?! You literally can’t even wear a symbol of remembrance without offending people!

Are snowmen sexist? Should they be snow people? Should they wear a skirt or is that offensive to insinuate all women should wear skirts.

Is MANchester offensive. Is the Isle of Man offensive. Man size tissues are offensive apparently, can we just rename anything with the word man in including woMAN? Is the word MANager offensive? Are you hanging your stocking on the woMANTLE piece this Christmas?

Is Christmas offensive? Why does father Christmas deliver presents? Why isn’t it strong independent Mother Christmas? Are elves offensive, why do they have to be small?

I read that if people can’t control their own emotions they have to control other peoples behaviour and I completely agree! Just because someones offended by something it does not mean they are right. We tend to bow down instantly once someone is even slightly offended because we don’t want to be branded as offensive but in all honestly you can’t win either way. As long as your not personally insulting anyone I say speak your mind. Say what you think. You may annoy people with it, people might not like what you have to say but we weren’t all put on this earth to be people pleasers, conform or be liked by everyone. We SHOULD have opinions. We SHOULD speak our minds and we SHOULD NOT ALL GET SO OFFENDED BY EVERYTHING!!!!


Modern day dating WTF!

So, first of all, I think we need to have a moments silence for anyone dating in today’s society.

I thankfully missed the age of Tinder and the other dating apps although I did have a dabble at POF until a lady emailed asking if I’d sleep with her husband and film it or send her a graphic email, at that moment I realised this was not for me.

not getting involved

There are a few problems I have with the age of the dating app:

  1. They are full of filtered photos! Nobody puts an average picture of themselves on a dating app and let’s face it that’s how we look the majority of the time! It’s false advertising that you can’t sue for! If they have butterflies or flowers around their heads swipe left, they are filtered and DO NOT look like that.
  2. Whilst someone may sound like a fun guy/girl they are using their very best lines, potentially even asking their friends what to say. Basically, 70% of what they’ve said may have come from their friend who has major game, when you meet this person they could be as dry as a sponge cake from Lidl! Yet again false advertising!
  3. If you’re a guy seeking a girl then she’s going to tell you she’s normal, not like other girls, doesn’t get jealous, you have had no human interaction to gauge this. Also, we all say this when we meet you but at least if you hear this face to face and she’s not giving any eye contact or laughing hysterically while she’s saying it the chances are she may be lying if she can look you in the face and say it shes merely exaggerating the truth. Maybe try face timing to ensure you haven’t just agreed to a date with Myra Hindley! DISCLAIMER – Some girls aren’t actually at all Psyco’s, they are few and far between, good luck finding her and if you do NEVER LET GO!
  4. If you are a girl seeking a guy from what I hear the biggest lie you will be told is their height. For some, this seems to be a common trend. They’re going to add a minimum of 2 imaginary inches to every aspect of their physical self. Now, this confuses me because if your dating a girl that’s 5ft 3″ and you’re 5ft 6″ you’re still taller, why lie. Also, a lot of women aren’t bothered if you’re taller or not. It’s better to tell the truth than have her turn up to your date in heels fuming! This will not lead to anything but an “I just don’t think there was a spark but we can be friends” conversation.
  5. The majority of your decision to speak to someone is purely based on looks. This bothers me. Of course, there has to be a physical attraction but that can grow more when you get to know someone.
  6. The confidence of approaching someone and sparking up a conversation is attractive. Also having someone approach you is flattering. Put a bit of effort in, it will say a lot about how the rest of your relationship will pan out.
  7. You cant smell through an app. I’m sorry and this is superficial but if someone looks like Tom Hardy but smells of bin juice you are not going there, I hope!

Whichever route you go down in the world of dating I wish you all the best and I DO NOT envy you!

you got this

New year new me bla bla bla

So we are creeping towards that time when people proclaim that next year everything is going to change, the bad habits are going and the path to enlightenment is near….but is it?

I am 100% all for a positive attitude, setting goals etc but I’m also a realist.

How many people are actually the ‘new me’ they said they were going to be, and, if you aren’t, why do you repeat the same process every single year? Aren’t you just setting yourself up for disappointment at the end of the year, reflecting on what didn’t change last year?

This is not me telling you to not have hopes, dreams and vision for the future. This is more me saying be realistic. If you are that unhappy with who you are today don’t wait until January to change it. Do it now otherwise your just putting off the inevitable disappointment of December 2019 when you reflect for yet another year.

How about we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves. Stop caring what everyone else thinks. Lets face it, deep down a lot of peoples decision to want to change is  based on others comments and perceptions of how they think you should be living your life.

Often the people telling you how to live your life are the ones who beat themselves up the most about every aspect of theirs because they are so self critical, but it shouldn’t determine the way you live your life. It also doesn’t mean they are trying to make out they’re better than you. Sometimes its just in their nature to try and improve situations. Whether it be their own or someone else’s they cannot see that it may not be taken that way. So brush off comments from people that constantly make you second guess yourself.

One persons idea of a perfect life is completely different to another’s so why do we listen so much to what other people say. My perfect day for example is sat watching films stuffing my face with carbs for 8 hours straight where as some people cant stand to be sat still and want to be up and active all the time, we are all such different people we cant fit in one idealistic box.

Lazy day

So when you starting thinking about the ‘new you’ for January think about whether these things are what YOU want or are they what you think you could change to be better perceived? Is it realistic or are you going to set yourself up for something unachievable and end up disappointed and lacking drive? Absolutely stretch yourself, reach for the stars, aim high but within reason.

Stop and think about the things you have achieved the year previous. It may not be the goals you set but I bet all of us have achieved something. Even if its something little its an achievement Getting out of bed when you are having a bad day is an achievement.  Emptying the washing basket is an achievement. Getting to the petrol station before you completely run out of fuel is an achievement.

I feel like subconsciously life can become one big competition. We look at what other people have or have achieved and this can distract from the bigger picture. Don’t try and be a ‘new you’ just be you. I guarantee a lot of people think you are pretty awesome as you are! If your going to set achievable goals to better your situation then good on you but don’t try and completely change who you are as a person if its for the wrong reasons.

Remember none of us are perfect!




If my dreams are a representation of my mental state then I’ve lost it!

I don’t know about anyone else but I wake up more tired than when I went to bed!

I literally have the most bizarre dreams that seem so real and seem to have absolutely no relevance to anything ever!

I am also that person that the meme refers to. If I dream that my fiancée cheated on me I genuinely can’t look at him in the morning! The level of outrage I feel that he would EVER do THAT to me is unreal. I can’t separate the fact it was a dream because I saw it with my own eyes (kind of). He will literally wake up and say “morning babe” to be met with “DO NOT SPEAK TO ME!”. I explain what he did. He looks at me like I’m mental. He laughs. My rage grows. We don’t talk until I’ve rationalised which is usually about an hour into getting to work and thinking about nothing else!

This, for once, is not a case of ‘double standards’. If I’ve had a ‘disloyalty dream’ shall we say 😂 I can’t look at him. He will ask what’s wrong over and over until I blurt out “I CHEATED ON YOU!” He looks at me with confusion which is the response to most things I say in which I speedily tell him about my dream, how sorry I am and how bad I feel. He normally laughs and walks off.

I used to have a recurring dream when I was at school that I would turn up without my skirt on. Fully dressed except I just had pants on but only noticed once I’ve got to school. The same applied to no shoes. I’d walk into the playground with nothing on my feet. I remember I would wake up and still be mortified all morning even though it never actually happened.

It would appear since an early age I’ve really let dreams affect me. It would also appear with age they have become a thousand times more bizarre. Oh and yes I am 100% that person who Googles their dreams in the morning looking for all the answers to my semi conscious woes.

To summarise. I think I’ve lost it! Let me know if you have any weird dreams. Especially those recurring ones that won’t go away. 💭 😴