The after Christmas bloat!!!

Wow, where do I begin other than to say I’m SO FULL!

Literally the entirety of 27th December was spent in bed eating. Eating anything! It started with bubble and squeak and all went downhill from there.

In one day I had destroyed the cheese selection, eaten all the bread in the house not to mention the chocolates.

I’ve eaten to such excess that I’ve woken up still feeling so full!

It looks as though a natural disaster has ripped through my house leaving plates, glasses and wrapping paper in its path. If we had an attempted burglary they would think our house had already been hit and move on!

If I’m honest I confined myself to one room to ignore the disaster that had been left from Christmas. I can’t bare to look at all the ‘stuff’ I need to find homes for so I just decided to pretend it’s not there for the day instead.

Today will be my ‘get shit done day’ although I am still considering doing it with the help of prosecco just to make it bearable. Yesterday I ate, today I drink!

One of my favourite things about this time of year is all judgement goes out the window! Chocolate roulade for breakfast, oh go on then. Gin at 10am, why not!

Come the new year I have no choice but to hit the healthy eating and workout regime hard so I don’t look like a toilet roll cover on my wedding day! With that said I am going out with a bang!!!!

Until that sad day comes in which I have to face reality I shall be eating and drinking to complete excess!

However you spend your time at Christmas I hope you’re having a wonderful time!!!!!

Coping with Grief at Christmas

Normally my posts are light-hearted and making a joke of everyday situations but I know I am not the only one dealing with grief this Christmas so wanted to write something that may help someone else who feels the same as I do.

Sadly this is the first Christmas me and my sister will have without our dad who tragically passed away in March this year.

Whilst I want to be excited and feeling festive I’m not afraid to say I’m really struggling. I feel a HUGE void where my Dad should be. He should be sat at my table this Christmas enjoying it with the rest of us and it completely breaks my heart that he won’t be! Having said that I know he wouldn’t want me spending the day crying (which I probably will be anyway as ill be locked away in the kitchen) so I looked up so ways to deal with grief at Christmas. None of these things may help but its worth a try to attempt to fill the emptiness that I and others will be feeling this year.

Before I go into some of the things I’ve read, one thing I did do is buy him a present. I know it may sound silly to some people but to me, its helped. It’s a little windchime that I will be placing at his grave on Christmas day with an angel on. My dad used to buy me angels as little gifts so it felt fitting.

So onto some of the things I’ve read about:

  • Acknowledge that the holidays will be different and they will be tough.Don’t try and force yourself to be ok and strong. It doesn’t help anyone, certainly not yourself because all of that pent-up emotion is going to come out at some point! It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be different but go with it and feel how you feel.
  •  Create a new tradition in memory of your loved one.I think ill light a candle by his picture as I often do, go and visit his resting place and have a Sloe Gin with him (he made the best Sloe Gin so I think he would approve).
  • Make a donation to a charity that was important to your loved one in their name.I will be looking for a sepsis charity to donate to. It doesn’t have to be a lot but what a gift to be able to put towards a cause that could potentially prevent further deaths in the future in honour of the special person you lost.
  • Skip an event if it’s all getting too much.Like many of us, there are so many events over Christmas, don’t feel like you have to show a brave face at all of them. If you’re not feeling up to it then don’t go, I’m not saying mope about in the house but keep busy in other ways. People aren’t going to be upset with you, they will understand your reasons.
  • Talk about your Christmas memories with them.Keep their memory alive, talk about the wonderful times you had together. Surely that’s what they would want, you to remember the fun and laughter you had in previous years.
  • If leaving an empty seat is too depressing, invite someone who doesn’t have any family to spend the holiday with.This is something I’m trying to do at the moment. I don’t have any grandparents alive but I’ve asked my Fiancee’s Nana if she has any friends that don’t have family that would like to join us Christmas day. I try and turn negatives into positives where I can to make the bad times bearable.


For anyone going through their first Christmas without a loved one it’s going to be tough but remember to try and enjoy yourself and don’t feel selfish for doing so.

Whether you know me or not if I can offer any support, a chat, even just a moan about how unfair it feels then contact me, send me a message, I may not be able to help but I understand the motions and a problem shared is a problem halved.

I wish you all the best Christmas and will keep all of those who are missing someone this year in my thoughts.

Lots of love to you all xxx


To anyone that doesn’t know me, I can be known to have a bit of a short fuse at times. This mainly happens when driving, not to the point that I’m a dangerous driver, more to the point that I just can’t tolerate muppets on the road!

Driving to work today has forced me to display my road rage behaviour. I think today was D**khead day on the roads!

My first gripe was when I flashed somebody out and they didn’t say thank you! MANNERS COST NOTHING DUMBASS!!!!! A quick wave of the hand or hazard lights would have sufficed, where is this sense of entitlement coming from! I hope your windows freeze over tomorrow morning and you run out of de-icer.

That was that, I thought train your inner chimp Sarah, don’t let this ruin your day.

A bit further down I got into the outside lane to overtake, at the same time another driver also moved over. That driver then proceeded to drive slower than those in the inside lane, I get back into the inside lane, they also do the same, I move back over, so do they, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM MOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next part of the road I come to is 40mph, I get stuck behind someone driving exactly 27mph. If you’re scared to drive then don’t, especially not in rush hour traffic!

Finally, I arrive at work. Like most workplaces, there is a car park with ample parking. I drive a fairly big car and have no trouble in these spaces. I sh*t you not a Citroen c1 pulled in and back out of a space probably 10/15 times before still parking wonky. Your car is the size of a postage stamp what the hell are you doing!

By this time the space I was heading towards was taken by someone else who drove the other way around the car park (which in itself wound me up!).

I think what I’m trying to say here is stop driving like a bunch of kn**s! If driving terrifies you then maybe public transport is the answer.

While I’m here id also like to address cyclists. Cyclists annoy me full stop, fully admire they’re saving the environment and being fit and healthy but get out of the MIDDLE OF THE F***ING ROAD! Stop weaving through cars in a traffic jam it just comes across as cocky! Also, you look like a d**k in lycra and a pointy helmet, you’re not doing the Tour De France you’re going to work get over yourself!

I think, now I’ve got that off my chest, I will be able to get on with my day! Thanks for reading my whiny gripes!

Ciao for now xx

Why do we make such an effort on Christmas day?

I, more than anybody love that feeling of opening your presents, especially when you get a new Christmas outfit!

My day goes like this:

  1. Get up
  3. Open Presents
  4. Run a bath with my new bath goodies
  5. Full body moisturise (which I never make part of my normal routine but for some reason do it religiously Christmas day)
  6. Full face of makeup including lashes!
  7. Hair blowdried and styled (when I say styled I do what I can before I get bored)
  8. Put new clothes on
  9. Spray new perfume so much I may as well be fumigating my entire body!
  10. Start on the dinner

My question is, what’s the point?! I’m not leaving the house! I’ve probably done more in this entire time getting ready than I would for a night out and will not be leaving the 4 walls. It’s not like I’m someone who is preened daily. I normally look like I’ve been created in a meth lab as a social experiment! My social media is one big lie I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT the majority of the time!

Maybe it’s just a good excuse to be the person I always secretly wish I was. That one who always looks like she has her S**T together so I never have to hear “are you not feeling well” again.

Either way, I will be doing the same this year even after writing this and reflecting on how pointless the effort will be. Maybe its subconsciously in case anyone takes pictures and people ask who the homeless person is they took in for Christmas!

Whatever you are doing, however you are going to look I hope you enjoy it and have the most FABULOUS time!!! xx


Can somebody tell me how willpower works?

What I want to talk about is willpower or my lack of.

I really admire people who stick to things, anything. People who go to the gym daily, people who stick to diets, people who just simply do what they say they are going to.

I’ve done dry January. It lasted a day.

I’ve done diets that have lasted a week or 2 then fell off the bandwagon and never got back on.

I just can’t seem to stick to anything at all and it’s winding me up!

Why do I have no willpower? Why can’t I stick to ANYTHING! I literally mean anything! I’m the person that flakes on plans. I’m the one who says ‘yes let’s go for coffee’ then doesn’t call for 6 months. I’m the person that everything seems like a fab idea at the time but when it comes to it just can’t seem to muster up the willpower to go through with whatever it is.

I tell myself most Mondays this is a new week and a new me, I’m going to change! I NEVER change.

I got up at 6.30 and did Yoga this morning and told myself this is a new me. I literally have every intention of doing the same tomorrow. Will I? Who knows!

What is it in the brain that makes some people able to stick to what they want to do and others completely unable to stick to anything? Well, I did some research and according to this article its linked to blood sugar levels. It makes sense, when I think of all those people I know that have the most willpower and drive are those who are fit and healthy! But can blood sugar really have such an effect on willpower to do so many other things? The article said to stick to whole foods such as:


At some point, those of us in this position have to come to the realisation we are a product of what we put into our bodies both mentally and physically.

I am going to TRY (as I say I’m a flakey person) to consciously think about what I’m eating (probably less about what I’m drinking but its a start) and the effect it’s having on other aspects of my life! Christmas may throw a few hurdles my way and I’m ok with that but either way today is the start of my TRYING to make better decisions!

We have to start somewhere (even if I am starting for the 500th time).

I think, subconsciously, half of me never completing anything is because I’ve told myself I cant before I’ve really properly tried!

So here’s to giving it a go and having a bit more faith in our own ability xx





Christmas is coming and Sarah’s getting fat!

I thought it was appropriate with Christmas coming to have a moment of appreciation for all things food and drink.

Now, whilst I need to continue the wedding prep diet I have decided I will give myself a sabbatical from denying myself the indulgences that ultimately make me happy over the Christmas period and frantically start again in January.

I love love love to cook but Christmas dinner is my ultimate favourite to do! Its the one day of the year where your dinner should come with a defibrillator and mine will be no different! From the turkey to the pigs in blankets to the roast potatoes, roasted parsnips, roasted carrots, sprouts (which btw I think are disgusting but for some reason force myself to eat them because I feel its necessary) to everything else in between.

blur bokeh candle christmas decoration
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I feel like if you don’t feel like you may slip into a mild coma after Christmas dinner was it even Christmas dinner?

Onto pudding, I’m not a fan of fruit in a pudding. If it has any form of nutritional value it should NOT be in the pudding category as far as I’m concerned. I want to feel physically disgusted with myself after eating dessert. If I don’t question if I should really be eating it quite frankly I don’t want it.

closeup photography of sliced chocolate cake on grey ceramic plate
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What I also love about Christmas is that after all that dinner and dessert, give it an hour or so and you can incorporate some biscuits and chocolates into the situation without anyone batting an eyelid. Everyone is still in such a haze of ‘what just happened’ that they don’t have time to stop and engage their brains to say no to yet more gluttony.

Then comes the drinks. I’m a big mulled wine lover and what I love about Christmas drinking is that you can put Brandy into absolutely anything and it becomes socially acceptable. Mulled wine with a dash of brandy, Christmas pudding with a dash of brandy, breakfast with a shot of brandy, just me, never mind.


Also, everything is on offer so, as a hoarder and a self-confessed ‘lover of buying tat’ this is my season! Ahh look a Christmas jumper for my wine bottle I MUST HAVE THAT! I feel like the marketing for useless items nobody will ever use is specifically aimed at me and me alone! I’m QVC’s absolute dream! If it’s badly made, has absolutely no use whatsoever I can guarantee it will find its way into my shopping basket!

My top tips for this Christmas are:

  • Eat, eat absolutely every last thing.
  • Wear lycra trousers or something with a bit of stretch, you will need it.
  • Drink responsibly (the more you eat the more alcohol will be soaked up). Don’t get so wasted that you throw your Christmas dinner up. That took a lot of effort. Pace yourself!
  • Have fun, play games, be with people you love being around.
  • Don’t stress, if dinner is late it’s late, If you burn the carrots you burn the carrots, it’s about being together not being perfect.
  • Don’t pressure yourself to get everybody the best gift, that’s not what it’s about.
  • If there are children around make it as magical as you possibly can, again this isn’t about spending money, read stories, watch Christmas films together, make some paper snowflakes, the build-up with kids is one of the best bits!
  • Watch Elf, every single day until Christmas!

Take a leaf out of Snoop and Martha’s book. Let the Christmas spirit/s bring you together even if its an unlikely pairing. Make baked goods. Be merry (I’m sure Martha was after some of Snoop’s special bronies). Be indulgent. Be positive and have a very very merry Christmas!!!!



Ok firstly if you are considering going to the shops on 23rd November id like to ask if you are ok?

I’ve never understood people turning up to a shop at 5am to queue outside for hours in the freezing cold to get a fiver off a toaster! Ok so maybe the savings are slightly bigger than that even so I’m not prepared to get my head kicked in over a Hitachi!

I fully understand when coming up to Christmas a lot of families struggle with the financial strain of this time of year and are looking for a bargain on toys etc but I guarantee your dental appointment to fix the 3 teeth that were kicked out whilst trying to get a deal on a fidget spinner will be much more expensive!!!! Not to mention having to explain to the moms at school why you have a black eye and a fat lip.


This is something we never used to have in the UK but like a lot of things we adopted it and claimed it as our own like us Brits do!

I believe this began in America. The Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on 22nd November this year where they have a lovely meal with their loved ones with ALL the trimmings and spend the day talking about what they’re thankful for. Literally 24 hours later they trample each other in stores across the country to get yet more stuff! That thankful attitude didn’t last long!


Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE a bargain! Having said that id say near enough every store who will have black Friday sales on will also be doing the same online so save your time, effort and teeth and hit the online sales if you want to save some ££££.

Amazon has some great Black Friday deals on loads of things, even Groupon are giving discounts on top of discounts.

If you do decide to go to Asda at 6am on Friday please know you will be in my thoughts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


may the odds be in your favour



A list of random???

I am that annoying person that questions absolutely everything! Below is a list of hard-hitting questions that bother me so much!

  1. Why are toastie makers not designed to fit a real-life piece of bread in? Who wants a toastie where the outside bits are just bread? Make them bigger PLEASE! I want the entire surface area of my bread toasted not just the bits that I can squash into the maker!
  2. Why do supermarkets make microwave meals with a ‘peel off’ lid that just doesn’t peel? Do you know the pain of stabbing that pierced film to try and get a corner and then pulling that little bit you painstakingly managed to free only for it to drop in your food? You then proceed to pull it out with your fingers which now have no fingerprints left due to them being burnt off only to peel the film away and cause further burning to anything that comes into contact with the volcanic steam pouring out?!
  3. Why do checkout cashiers ask me if I need help packing in the middle of me already packing? I’m clearly capable, I’m literally doing it right in front of you! Please don’t throw the fact I can’t even pack bags well in my face!
  4. Why does Ryanair have a round of applause when you land on time? It’s your job to get from A to B in the time YOU specified. I don’t get a round of applause every time I do my job!
  5. Why can’t all phone chargers be the same? I’m sick of going to someone’s house and running out of battery and not being able to charge my phone because I refuse to become part of the iPhone cult!
  6. Why do you have to take out a mortgage to go to the cinema? The cinema expenses have become an absolute joke and that’s not me being tight. You’re literally looking at £50 a trip because turning down a Tango Ice Blast is absolute madness and of course I’m going to need nachos!
  7. Why is clothing size so varied? How are we meant to know what size we are when we can range from about 3 different sizes depending on the shop. Can there not be a standard guideline to follow to make shopping a little less of an ordeal than it already is?
  8. Why do online shops send an item the size of my thumb in a box the size of the Eiffel tower? Surely it’s not cost effective? Why get my hopes up that I’ve been sent a package full of goodies when in reality my tweezers have arrived?!

I’m sure we all have a million Why questions so feel free to comment yours. Maybe together we can get to the bottom of all of this!

Its the most wonderful time of the year…I think!

Winter is becoming my favourite time of year but there are so many pros and cons for me.

Pro – I absolutely LOVE being inside, cosy, pyjamas on, slippers on, dressing gown on, heating on (yes by this point I’m hotter than the sun and that’s how I like it) especially if it’s snowing outside, there isn’t a better feeling for me. Putting my feet up watching films with a hot chocolate, ok mulled wine is what life is about.

adult beverage breakfast celebration
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Pro – Winter is perfect for someone like me who will do anything physically possible to not leave the house. Home really is where the heart is and its where I like to be most. I’m not saying I don’t like socialising, we have an open door policy and people are in and out all the time but I just like being at home.

Con – Where the negatives come is all the nasty bugs that linger. As someone with Asthma winter isn’t kind to me. I can guarantee if there is a bug going around I will catch it! Last Christmas and new year me and Charlie spent the whole thing in bed, literally 2 weeks. We missed the last Christmas I would have had with my Dad unknowingly which is the hardest pill to swallow. Christmas day we didn’t leave the bed unless it was to puke. We missed one of our close friend’s weddings. We did attempt to celebrate new years eve and barely made it to 12 before having to leave, it was miserable!

This year I am determined to avoid the same fate. I was offered a flu jab but said no which I’m not sure was the wrong or right idea. I’m a big believer in trying to build my immunity but thus far it hasn’t really worked out so maybe I’ll reconsider.

There are some things I was advised to try as deterrents but by this stage, it was too late. This year, however, I will be trying all the deterrents I was advised of last year.

  • Turmeric. I had no idea this was such a good natural anti-inflammatory. I’ve had the tablets from Holland and Barret and they are brilliant but I’m sure you can get them in lots of places or try adding a spoon full of turmeric to lemon ginger and honey with hot water.
  • Colloidal silver water. Again something id not heard of until last year but there are so many benefits to using this. It’s worth looking into the benefits as it helps to treat so much. It helps to support the body’s immune system so well worth having some in the cupboard for a variety of things.
  • I found a list of foods to eat for colds found here. I don’t think its any secret that when you are run down good healthy foods can help to get your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to recover.
  • Whilst I will always try natural remedies first sometimes you just need to hit the hard stuff and there is nothing better for a stuffy nose and a lack of sleep due to coughing all night that a good old bit of night nurse. Yes, it will put you into a semi-coma so my advice would be to take it earlier rather than later as there is a very large possibility you won’t be hearing your alarm!

Con (which can easily be turned into a pro) – Another thing to address is how much pressure we put on ourselves regarding Christmas presents. I don’t think children expect the mountain of presents parents feel as though they have to provide. Surely as parents (I’m pointing out now I’m not a parent so I may be wrong here), you are setting the initial expectation. If you are going to buy 20 presents are they all going to be played with? Are you spending a fortune on toys that are forgotten in 5 minutes? Think about your Christmas’s as a child. Yes it was exciting to get presents, absolutely, but that isn’t the bit that stands out most for me. Being with my family, playing board games together, Christmas dinner, music and everyone being happy and together are what I have the fondest memories of. We were always very aware as children of the value of money and that things were expensive and we couldn’t always have what everyone else could and honestly we didn’t mind because we knew our parents had done what they could for us which is also a great life lesson. It really made us appreciate everything we have. Christmas is mostly about making it magical for the children so focus on them and then maybe consider a secret Santa for the adults. Try making things, if you like to cook make food gifts. If you’re crafty make candles, knit a scarf, make something decorative, Hobbycraft has some amazing ideas.Giving does not mean buying

Pro – Winter comfort food. Pass the carbs to the left-hand side! Where do I start, cottage pie, stew and dumplings, roasted anything, soups. Winter food is 100% my favourite. My slow cooker really feels the love from October to April.

Pro – Winter clothes. Oversized jumpers are life. Not only are they comfy but they hide a multitude of sins. Just loungewear in general is what life is about for me.oversized jumper.jpg

Pro – Eating dessert is encouraged. Mince pie anyone? Christmas pudding? Yule log? Literally, people become offended if you don’t eat their homemade treats and I, for one, am not going to argue with them!

Pro – Snow is beautiful.snow

Con – It snows every year near enough yet the UK comes to a standstill each time it does.blizzard-meme-1145907

Pro – Christmas films. If you don’t watch Elf annually then we can’t be friends. elf

Basically anything about Christmas time for me is a pro, the lights, Christmas Trees, it’s just so pretty.

In summary, it appears the pros outweigh the cons. Bring on everything winter related and make sure you are doing everything in your power to avoid the lurgy xx


What if I told you manners are actually free?!

Wow, where do I start with this one?

My parents brought me and my sisters up with the term “manners don’t cost a thing” and there has never been a truer word said!

If you ask for something would it hurt to say please? If you’re asking me for something I will guarantee you won’t get it until I’ve heard the P word.

The same applies with thank you, just in case you aren’t familiar with how to use this word here are some examples of when it should be used:

  • When being served in a shop, bar or restaurant. Please take a word of advice, use your manners and don’t be rude in a restaurant, if you act like a d*@k I’d put money on the fact there will be a special surprise in your meal!
  • When someone lets you out in traffic. The RAGE this causes me when I’ve let someone pull out and there is no thank you. I am that crazy person who will wind down my window and shout “THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!” and no I am not ashamed of my actions!
  • When someone holds the door open for you. I’m not being paid to stand and wait or let you pass. You are in no way entitled to have this kind of treatment. I’m being courteous, you should be too!
  • When speaking to a customer service agent. Let me tell you from experience these people get paid pennies to put up with other peoples gripes and groans. They are trying to help you and you speaking to them like s*@t could really have an effect on their day when they are trying to help you! Demanding will get you nowhere, they often are limited to what they can authorise. Also, they will 100% be more willing to go above and beyond if you don’t speak down to them. Just finally on this point never say “My custom pays your wages”, it doesn’t, really, they will get paid regardless.
  • Basically any time someone has said or done something that you have benefitted from SAY THANK YOU!

Queue jumping. This enrages me. Being British I’m a fan of orderly queues. I WILL be opening my big mouth if you jump the queue. Do you think I’ve been stood waiting for a laugh?! The only time I will let this slip is if its in a food queue and I have a trolley full yet you have a few items in which case ill ask you if you want to go in front, if you assume and push in you WILL get told about yourself, you WILL be going back behind me and you WILL be waiting even longer because I will be taking as long as possible to load my shopping onto the conveyor belt. Yes, this is petty, I’m very aware of that and will continue this behaviour in the knowledge I’m acting like a child. I will make exceptions for the elderly or anyone who struggles with standing for long periods of time. What I won’t stand for are entitled festival brats who think they can walk to the front of the portaloo queue, move Felicia, I’m desperate!

Another one which a reader mentioned on my Facebook page is when you go into a shop and approach the server politely and start conversing. Mid-service the shopkeeper stops what they’re doing and answers their phone and continues to speak with the person on the phone as if you have disappeared while you’re stood waiting to pay. There is no rush to get off the phone, no sense of urgency, of course I have all day, carry on, have a chat, pretend I’m not here!

The lack of the word excuse me. Please don’t barge past me like it’s your god given right! A simple ‘excuse me’ goes a long way.

I know I sound like a moaning old bint which, honestly, I am but its the little things in life that go a long way with me.

I feel as though a lack of manners is often blamed on the younger generation. I think this is an unfair assumption. My younger sister is 14 and one of the most polite girls I know. It’s got nothing to do with age or generation I think its mainly to with how you are brought up. People of all ages lack manners but it’s up to us to ensure the next generation aren’t a bunch of rude little sh**s! As soon as your children can speak please and thank you should be added to their vocabulary.

Anyway, have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget your please and thank you’s.