Money doesn’t buy you happiness…..WHATEVER!

I forever hear the quote “money doesn’t buy you happiness!” and I, for one, think that is BULLSHIT!!!!

Do not get me wrong I am not saying money is the be all and end all. Having your health and the love of a good family is worth its weight in gold but allow me to point a few things out…..

  1. Food, food makes me EXTREMELY happy hence why I look like I ate a victoria secret model but do you know how I get food? With money! – Money makes me happy!
  2. Trips away. Holidays, breaks, even a night at the seaside makes me happy. I feel invigorated, refreshed and oh yea broke because even if I’m not venturing out of the UK you need to pay to sleep somewhere (unless you’re camping rurally in which case you’re braver than I am with the uncertainty of UK weather), Petrol, train or coach to get there! – Money makes me happy!
  3. I won’t lie, I can be fairly materialistic, not in the sense that possessions mean more to me than anything else, more that shopping is like my crack, there is no better feeling than buying a new outfit and wearing it for the first time as far as I’m concerned! I genuinely get a buzz from shopping, not just any shopping, online shopping. If I feel low or am stressed about being broke I shop to make myself feel better. I understand this only makes me more broke but in that second that I ‘proceed to checkout’ I feel euphoric!!!! – Money makes me happy!
  4. What do I need to pay my bills and mortgage, oh yes that’s right Money! Whilst bills DO NOT make me happy I have to pay them to live comfortably and not have a repossession agent turn up at my door! Am I happy if all of my bills are paid, Yes, therefore, you guessed it – Money makes me happy!
  5. As a female, looking like I’ve been stranded on a desert island and dragged around a jungle backwards by a tiger is something I try and avoid. Unfortunately, I am not someone who is naturally easy on the eye. In order to not scare the public when I leave the house I wear makeup and get my roots done, obviously, this is partly for me too as my confidence can often be found in the gutter somewhere but you know what I have to do in order to get these things? Spend money – Money makes me happy.
  6. Going out socialising. You have no idea how many social events I turn down because I’m skint?! LOADS! I have such FOMO it used to kill me inside. Now I just say no to basically everything because the truth is I CANT BLOODY AFFORD IT! On the odd time I do go though I make sure I have a whale of a time because it won’t happen again for a while- Money makes me happy

You know who says ‘Money doesn’t make you happy’? People with Money! I tell you now you take that Lamborghini away and replace it with a FIAT Punto and let’s see how happy you are then. Let’s take you out of the 6 bed 5 bath house and stick you in a high rise and see how overjoyed you are!

Now I’m not saying I want to be a billionaire (I do) but I wouldn’t turn down a mil or 2, for this reason, I will be winning the lotto soon!

Now I’m sure after reading this you’re going to think that girl is an idiot! Please don’t take this post literally, of course, money won’t solve all of your problems but it takes some of them away. It can also bring a lot of harm depending on how it’s spent so this is completely down to the person.

As a kid, we didn’t have a lot at all and I never felt hard done by at all but as an adult, it breaks my heart to think my parents would struggle in the ways they did financially but worked so hard for us not to see it.

Let me know what you think. Does money make you happy? Comments welcome!

New year new me bla bla bla

So we are creeping towards that time when people proclaim that next year everything is going to change, the bad habits are going and the path to enlightenment is near….but is it?

I am 100% all for a positive attitude, setting goals etc but I’m also a realist.

How many people are actually the ‘new me’ they said they were going to be, and, if you aren’t, why do you repeat the same process every single year? Aren’t you just setting yourself up for disappointment at the end of the year, reflecting on what didn’t change last year?

This is not me telling you to not have hopes, dreams and vision for the future. This is more me saying be realistic. If you are that unhappy with who you are today don’t wait until January to change it. Do it now otherwise your just putting off the inevitable disappointment of December 2019 when you reflect for yet another year.

How about we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves. Stop caring what everyone else thinks. Lets face it, deep down a lot of peoples decision to want to change is  based on others comments and perceptions of how they think you should be living your life.

Often the people telling you how to live your life are the ones who beat themselves up the most about every aspect of theirs because they are so self critical, but it shouldn’t determine the way you live your life. It also doesn’t mean they are trying to make out they’re better than you. Sometimes its just in their nature to try and improve situations. Whether it be their own or someone else’s they cannot see that it may not be taken that way. So brush off comments from people that constantly make you second guess yourself.

One persons idea of a perfect life is completely different to another’s so why do we listen so much to what other people say. My perfect day for example is sat watching films stuffing my face with carbs for 8 hours straight where as some people cant stand to be sat still and want to be up and active all the time, we are all such different people we cant fit in one idealistic box.

Lazy day

So when you starting thinking about the ‘new you’ for January think about whether these things are what YOU want or are they what you think you could change to be better perceived? Is it realistic or are you going to set yourself up for something unachievable and end up disappointed and lacking drive? Absolutely stretch yourself, reach for the stars, aim high but within reason.

Stop and think about the things you have achieved the year previous. It may not be the goals you set but I bet all of us have achieved something. Even if its something little its an achievement Getting out of bed when you are having a bad day is an achievement.  Emptying the washing basket is an achievement. Getting to the petrol station before you completely run out of fuel is an achievement.

I feel like subconsciously life can become one big competition. We look at what other people have or have achieved and this can distract from the bigger picture. Don’t try and be a ‘new you’ just be you. I guarantee a lot of people think you are pretty awesome as you are! If your going to set achievable goals to better your situation then good on you but don’t try and completely change who you are as a person if its for the wrong reasons.

Remember none of us are perfect!