It’s been a while!

So, I’m the first to admit its been a while!

Planning a wedding and work being really busy has meant by the time I get home and cook dinner all I want to do is chill but I’m back!

So I’ll start with the wedding itself. It was the most amazing day from what I can remember. I had visions of me staying really classy until the evening guests arrived and then getting well oiled. Instead, I drank 4 bottles of champagne before the ceremony from 8am and staggered down the aisle then proceeded to do shots the second I came out of the chapel, bit the head off my cake and made an absolute show of myself.

This is Connie below before I bit her face off!

I think this picture taken shortly after the meal shows how successful the sober plan was.

I have no recollection of my first dance, the band, the DJ or basically anything after the meal! I don’t recall this photo being taken and it’s still light outside!

From all recollections, everyone had a fab time!

Image may contain: 2 people, indoor

We took a week off after the wedding to come down to earth and allow the alcohol to leave our system. Rehab may have been a better option however as we just ended up drinking another 3 or 4 times in that week!

We did have an unreal meal at The wilderness thanks to Charlie’s sister and my new sister in law and her partner! I cannot recommend it enough! The tasting menu was unreal and the atmosphere is amazing. The staff were extremely attentive. The best culinary experience I’ve had so far!

So what else has happened? I now have another Nephew called Arthur who was born 6 days before the wedding. My sister called me to say ‘don’t panic but I think im in labour’ I got there within 20 minutes and she was contracting every 3 minutes and she told me not to panic! A few hours later we were holding baby Arthur. It was the most amazing thing to witness other than holding Hannahs’s hand and telling her not to worry about hurting me at which point she bit me, not really what I meant but im sure it hurt less than what she was going through! I won’t lie I was bloody relieved he came just in time, I had visions of slipping over Hannah’s waters down the aisle and breaking a leg!

It’s 2 weeks today until the honeymoon and I cannot wait to be sat on the beach in St Lucia drinking a cocktail trying not to get harpooned! The Carribean, in particular, St Lucia is an absolute dream location so I feel like I’ve won the lottery being able to go there and especially to a sandals resort! I’ll be making the most of the super all-inclusive let me tell you!

That’s it for now. I’m sure ill have some tales to tell after the honeymoon I just wanted to check in and let you all know im still alive.

Until next time Ciao for now xxx

Workouts are shite!

I’m not even going to introduce this post, it introduced itself.

Currently I’m in panic mode.

I’ve known this wedding was happening for a year and always said “for my wedding I want to look healthy and radiant bla bla bla”. So what have I done in the last 12 months to achieve this? The answer, I’ve sat on the sofa watching Netflix eating chocolate coated malted milk biscuits!

Yesterday we bit the bullet and went to the gym before work. Did the same today. Do not get me wrong I feel more energetic and as though we’ve achieved something. Nevertheless exercise is the devils work. I hated it when I was skinny in the distant past and I hate it now!

I’ve done stints at the gym in the past and let me ensure you I NEVER EVER got the bug! That feel good feeling! NEVER!

Honestly you people who eat everything and don’t gain weight. I hate every single thing about you!

It’s only day 2 and I’m already going on like I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro because I’ve done 3.5 minutes on a rowing machine! 🙄

Another downside, I woke up this morning and felt like I’d given a blue whale a piggy back from Scotland to Newquay!

Anyway I’ll keep at it until the wedding and hope for the best.

This post was in no way uplifting or encouraging and I completely own that but either way I’m wallowing in self pity.

P.s if anyone knows how I can lose a stone in a week while still stuffing my face with carbs and refined sugar please do let me know!

Ciao for now xx

Pre Wedding Woes!

Your wedding day is meant to be the best day of your life! Its meant to be the day that you are at your happiest! How do I feel about it? Absolutely bricking it!

There is SO much planning involved and if your Fiancee is anything like mine then you are planning the entire thing single handily with the odd bit of input if he doesn’t like an idea! It’s a lot! If you’re new to this engagement malarky then you have your work cut out, there is SO MUCH to think about! I’m not scaremongering, I’m being real!

The planning has been ok, what’s not ok is how much everything costs! People, myself included go to weddings, have a great day but never really appreciate the amount of planning and money that has gone into it all unless you’ve already been married or currently planning.

Aside from the fact that I am completely skint from all the little shitty bits, you have to buy that NOBODY thinks about and kitting my bridesmaids out with outfits and hair accessories I have had a massive reality check that I still have so much to pay for and haven’t even looked at a dress.


As a woman, for me and I know a lot of other brides my biggest anxiety at the moment is the fact I’m not losing weight. Its completely my fault I think I’m genuinely addicted to sugar! I’m fine all day, drink loads of water, have a light lunch but when I get home I turn into a rabid animal biting anything within my vicinity, its a surprise I haven’t eaten the groom to be quite honest! I literally have visions of me looking like a pig in a dress and them playing here comes the pig instead of here comes the bride! Oink!


I know its ridiculous that we put SO much pressure on ourselves but its really stressing me out!

I do worry that all these little anxieties are going to make the day impossible to enjoy. If I’m worrying this much 7 months before, how am I going to relax on the day being consumed by worries everything will go wrong (which unfortunately is how my brain seems to work)?!

I’m also bricking it that I’m going to cry the whole way down the aisle because my Dad won’t be there (which I most likely will). I’m spending a fortune on makeup that I could quite possibly cry off in the first 10 minutes of the day!


Another vision I’ve had is of me falling down the aisle. I am the most clumsy person known to man and can fully see myself on my arse within seconds of entering the chapel!

I’m making all of this sound really negative. Of course I’m excited! I have planned what I hope will be an amazing day and have really focused on everyone being entertained I just wish I could relax a bit!

I just need to take the viewpoint that what will be will be. If I look like a pig then ill just need to work it! If I cry the whole way down then just don’t take photos of me ugly crying! If I fall over I will laugh it off like my best mate Jennifer Lawrence!

If anyone else is in the same position as me at the moment, breathe and try and enjoy it!

P.S SEND HELP!!!!!!!!!!!